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Drop In for a Chair Massage at On The Spot Massage Relaxation Station in Berkeley, Emeryville, or Alameda

Transform your day with a 10-30 minute chair massage mini-vacation at one of our convenient East Bay drop-in Relaxation Stations.

On The Spot Massage Relaxation Stations - Chair Massage in Berkeley, Emeryville, Alameda. Look for the red umbrella.

Alameda Natural Grocery

El Cerrito Natural Grocery

 Free Massage Money 

We Deliver Corporate Chair Massage and On-Site Chair Massage in the San Francisco Bay Area to Workplace, Office and Special Events.

Let us bring on-site chair massage to your office, workplace, special event, customer appreciation day, party or trade show.

Corporate chair massage boosts morale, rewards performance and is a 100% tax deductible company benefit.

Give your employees, guests, visitors and customers the gift of relaxation with on-site chair massage.


On The Spot Massage Practitioners - Spotniks

People are the most important ingredient of our success, and we think our Spotniks (which is what we call our talented practitioners) are the best around. We choose them for their massage skills, their professionalism, and their way with people.

If you’re interested in more information about becoming a Spotnik and work opportunities with On the Spot Massage, please click here.